Our Team

André de Oliveira


André is a chartered physiotherapist and the Director of ALO Physiotherapy Clinic on Harley Street. He specializes in treatment for back, neck and knee pain. He thrives on the strong belief that as the history of our lives becomes our biology, treating any condition holistically is the way forward for effective rehabilitation. He also has a keen interest in sports.

André is originally from Brazil where he obtained his first degree in Sport Science.

Alexia Critien

 Alexia Critien Physiotherapist at ALO Physiotherapy Clinic in Harley Street London.
MSc, Bsc (Hons), MCSP, MHCPC

Alexia qualified with a Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy in Malta in 2002, and went on to work in Malta in various NHS departments seeing musculoskeletal, orthopaedic, neurological and cardio-respiratory cases. She obtained her Master's degree in Advanced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy from the Manchester Metropolitan University in 2006, and then worked as rehabilitation manager for a private physiotherapy company servicing Honda employees.

Emily Tims

 Emily Tims Physiotherapist at ALO Physiotherapy Clinic
MS Advanced Physiotherapy

Emily is a Research Physiotherapist. She graduated in 2003 and has worked in a mixture of NHS, private and research settings. She has managed a multi-centre orthopaedic research project, working under Mr Philip Ahrens at The Royal Free Hospital. She has a special interest in improving healthy environments in office spaces and has developed a health and wellbeing programme with Andre de Oliveira for this purpose (‘Little Nudge’).

Kamila Fucko

 Kamila Fucko Physiotherapist at Alo Physiotherapy Clinic
Msc, MCSP, MHCPC Chartered Physiotherapist

Kamila is a chartered physiotherapist dedicated and results-focused physiotherapist with over 10 years experience specializing in the treatment of Nuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy. Working in hospital Kamila has obtained extensive clinical experience in the areas of orthopaedics, neurological, cardio-respiratory, elderly care, sports injuries and post-surgical care.

Luigi Bartoli


Extensive experience as orthopedic and neurologic physiotherapist, specialized in the Musculoskeletal (MSK) treatment, with over 5 years practicing across the NHS and private sector in Italy and the UK. His passion lies in healing people. In 2011 he graduated in Italy (Naples, Universita’ di Napoli Federico II) and obtained a first-class honour. He started to work as an outpatient physiotherapist providing treatment to neurological and orthopedic patients with sub-acute and chronic conditions.

Nahor Garcia Jimenez


Graduated in Physiotherapy at the Universidad Internacional de Catalunya( 2009-2013) and completed a Master in Sport Physiotherapy at the Universidad Europea de Madrid (2015-2016). In November 2011 he started practising at Hospital Quirón Barcelona, and later was employed until February 2016. He performed tasks as physiotherapist with a multidisciplinary team based by consultants, nutritionists, psychologists, and among others Dr Ramón Cugat (surgeon worldwide known).

Marianne Berndt


Trained in muscleskeletal medicine, TECAR therapy, acupuncture, dry needling, manual therapy and muscle energy techniques, Marianne also holds a unique distinction on the team… She is a one-time Chilean record-holder in the shot put and discus! She is also on the ‘wall of fame’ at her University in Chile and her High School in Port Washington, New York, USA, for her athletic achievement.